Why Try Abhisi?
Because it's a Proven, Reliable and Hassle-free support solution.
Painless for Your
No passwords to remember and no ticket numbers or case IDs. Abhisi works just like email so there is none of that nonsense.
A Delight
for Your Team
With collaboration and sharing between team members, Abhisi maximizes the value of your team - locally or anywhere on the planet.
More Value
for You
Zero training required whether you're a team of 1 or 1000. Provide awesome customer support to grow your business. And get even more value as your team grows.
Everything You Need to Effortlessly Support Your Customers
Zero Setup
There is nothing to install or setup on your server. Simply redirect your support emails to Abhisi and you're on Cloud 9.
Quick Replies
With quick and incredibly powerful predefined replies, support answers will require no more than a few mouse clicks. Time is now on your side.
Use Any Device
Answer support requests anytime, from anywhere on the planet, using any device. Because you can.
Cover All the Bases
Let your customers contact you with what they feel comfortable: Email, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, SMS, Help Docs, Phone.
Provide 24/7 Service
Abhisi Help Docs give your customers
a self service helping hand anytime 24/7.
That's freedom for you and your customers!
Automation Magic
Intelligent processing can handle message replies, assignments to team members, sending notifications and message tagging. Automatically.
Valuable Reports
Reports with average response time, number of customers helped, replies per customer - just to name a few, allow you to track performance and set goals for everyone on your team.
Incredible Reliability
Abhisi uses Microsoft's massive Azure infrastructure so your support desk can scale automatically to any size with a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.
Customer Happiness
Your customers can rate the satisfaction level of your team's replies. This gives you insight into the replies that need to be made more helpful. No more guessing.
Some Businesses that are Using Abhisi to Improve Customer Relationships
We were using Gmail, and to tell you the truth it was painful. We managed when we were getting only a few emails a week. But, as our email volume picked up, we're glad we switched to Abhisi. The simple design is so easy to use and much much better than Gmail. Our response times have improved and no more lost messages.
Author image
  • Orange Training
The many great reports in Abhisi opened our eyes to reaching some easy goals. We know that if our average first reply time is 4 hours over 7 days, we now have something that we can work to impove. We are also starting to use Abhisi's customer surveys to see how satisfied our customers are. That'll be very valuable for our whole team.
Author image
  • Mehndi Cultr
It Costs 5 to 10 times more to acquire new customers than keep exisiting ones!
Start supporting your customers the right way with Abhisi.
Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Q:Why is Abhisi Good for My Business?

A:Abhisi is help desk software for direct interaction with customers to reply to their messages without effort. You can monitor first response times to know if customers are getting answers in a timely manner. You can also collect statistics to determine the days that are the busiest and at the times you get the most customer inquiries. You can also download and print reports with just a few mouse clicks.

Q:Why is Abhisi an Effective Help Desk Solution for Business

A:If your staff fail to respond to the customers’ inquiries, it can seriously affect the reputation of your company. Did you know that a short negative tweet or Facebook post can have a lasting effect on the reputation of your business? Underestimating the importance of providing timely communication and customer support will result in loss of customer loyalty and potential clients. Abhisi can help you take care of your customers better.

Q:How Will Abhisi Save Me Time And Hassle?

A:Abhisi is designed to be a timesaving help desk support software. It lets you set up quick replies to your most commonly asked questions to turbo charge your replies. You no longer need to spend extra minutes typing answers to the same questions - again and agian. Preset unlimited replies to the most frequently asked questions and send them with only a few mouse clicks. This eliminates having to reply to one and the same inquiry several times. You can even add your signature to make the message more personal. The system is fully secure and thanks to IP whitelisting method your emails are prevented from being marked as spam - help ensure that your replies are reaching your customers.


A:Abhisi helps you empower your support team with the tools needed to efficiently and effectively interact with your customers. The fully customizable Abhisi Help Widget can be placed on every page of your website - to allow every customer to contact you with just one mouse click. This customer service system also supports multiple customer contact channels: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Chat, SMS, Help Docs, Phone. Abhisi fully integrates with all of these popular channels and social media platforms. And with Abhisi Customer Support Help Desk, you can send a reply using any of your devices - including a phone, a tablet, a laptop or a PC. Monitor feedback on most social media and traditional contact points with Abhisi.

Q:What other benefits Does Abhisi Provide?

A: It's easy to use for both customers and support team. It let's you send prompt replies. It's usable from multiple different devices. It provides a convenient Website Help Widget. It allows you to all monitor all customer contact points from one easy dashboard. It provides detailed and insightful reports for a 360 degree view of your support team's performace. Try Abhisi now to experience all benefits of an advanced CRM software!

Q:Is my data secured and is Abhisi Reliable?

A:Yes and Yes! Abhisi takes security and privacy very seriously - all data is exchanged only via secure Internet standards. And, Abhisi is incredibly reliable as it is built on the highly scalable and fault tolerant Microsoft infrastructure. Abhisi is guaranteed to be 99.95% available, so it's always there for your team when they need to help your customers.