So Why Should You Try Abhisi?
Because Happy Customers Grow Your Business
Painless for Your
No passwords to remember and no ticket numbers or case IDs. Abhisi works just like email so there is none of that nonsense.
A Delight
for Your Team
With collaboration and sharing between team members, Abhisi maximizes the value of your team - locally or anywhere on the planet.
More Value
for You
Zero training required whether you're a team of 1 or 1000. Provide awesome customer support to grow your business. And get even more value as your team grows.
Be Instantly Productive
Zero Setup
There is nothing to install or setup on your server. Simply redirect your support emails to Abhisi and you're on Cloud 9.
Quick Replies
With quick and incredibly powerful predefined replies, support answers will require no more than a few mouse clicks. Time is now on your side.
Use Any Device
Answer support requests anytime, from anywhere on the planet, using any device. Because you can.
Cover All the Bases
Let your customers contact you with what they feel comfortable: Email, Twitter, Facebook, Chat, Help Docs, Phone.
Provide 24/7 Service
Abhisi Help Docs give your customers a self service helping hand anytime 24/7. Amazing!
Automation Magic
Intelligent processing can handle message replies, assignments to team members, sending notifications and message tagging. Automatically.
Valuable Reports
Reports with average response time, number of customers helped, replies per customer - just to name a few, allow you to track performance and set goals for everyone on your team.
Incredible Reliability
Abhisi uses Microsoft's massive Azure infrastructure so your support desk can scale automatically to any size with a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.
Customer Happiness
Your customers can rate the satisfaction level of your team's replies. This gives you insight into the replies that need to be made more helpful. No more guessing.
You're Just Minutes Away from Your First Conversation
30 Seconds to Keep Your Customers Happy