Abhisi is such a simple to use help desk that it contributes to improving
your support team's performance by showcasing actionable
metrics via insightful charts
Achievements Reports
First Response Time
First Response time is the time between when a customer initially contacts you and when they are sent a reply. Abhisi lets you track response time over time to see how your team is performing.
Time-based Drill Down
Get even more insight by digging in and seeing the percentage of replies that are answered in certain time frames. This can help pinpoint problem areas and may even identify persistent issues.
Messages Reports
Busiest Day
See at a glance all the important stats on messages. Busiest Day stats let you see the day of the week that gets the most customer messages. Over time, this becomes valuable info to optimize staffing during each week.
Most Used Tags
Each tag that is created and used in Abhisi is tracked. If you have a tag named 'Unknown Issue' that ranks high, you will see this instantly and can take appropriate steps to find a solution.
Most Used Quick Replies
Quick Replies let your agents provide fast and consistant replies to your customers. Seeing the most used repies at a glace can help locate issues with your company's products or services.
User Reports
Useful User Insights
See at a glance how each of your team members are performing so that guidance can be provided when it is required.
Happiness Score
See how each of your support agents are doing from the customer's perspective and find solutions for improvement.
Support Replies Rating
A simple table lists the ratings of all replies.
Compare replies that are well received against
replies that were not liked by your customers.
This can help you discover hidden problems with
your product, service or replies.
Customer Survey Reports
Overall Happiness Score
Get an overall rating for the satifaction level of your entire team and see if it's time to celebrate.
Conversation History
If you need to, you can see the full history of all replies sent by any agent.
Ratings Filter
Ratings can be sorted to find all Unhappy or Happy rated replies.
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