Do You Know Why Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay Do Not Use Chat Support?

Do You Know Why Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay Do Not Use Chat Support?

Last week we talked about the use of AI Bots for customer support, hope you have to check it out.

If not click here to check the post as we will be today discussing ahead.

Now that you have an idea regarding the last week’s post let’s take it ahead.


Have you ever visited any of the e-commerce websites?

It’s simple websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong etc are the e-commerce websites.

If you have visited them, you must have noticed giants like these don’t offer chat support.


Now tell me do you have any idea why is it so?

Why do the E-commerce giants not go for a customer support which is been used elsewhere?

You must have found a large number of companies adding the chat support system to their websites, a simple technology which helps the site visitors to interact and receive live support.

Now you must be thinking hard to find the reasons, isn’t it?

Check this out, although live chat support could reduce the amount of inquiries your firm has to deal with via phone and email, it’s not without its drawbacks.

Let me tell you:

Support available only in the working hours.

We all know chat support for websites is only available during the working hours what about the other remaining hours you have to deal with?

Hence when it comes to time or working hours you will realize that this is tricky to fulfill unless you hire extra personnel.

Other than that, in case your Clientele is spread across the Globe, it just doesn’t stop there then it comes down even to handling the various time zones which take the issue to an another level altogether.

It creates an impression that your business, & its customer service, is available 24/7.

Like let me share an example, when I was making my first website myself I checked all the website host provider and shortlisted BigRock under an impression they have a chat system as well as ticket issue system when it comes to existing user query solving but the truth I discovered when I was facing an issue after the working hours and it instructed me to raise a ticket instead. So then I have to stall my website work which I was apparently making for my friend for the evening and we could get back to it next day only during the working hours.

Need extra manpower.

The solution to the above issue is very simple, hire extra manpower to work out the issue.

This way you have a dedicated team working on the chat support of the website, resulting in shift timings and management manpower to take care of the additional workload generated.

This point may tie and solve the above issue, but in this lifeline lies not only the strength but also the weakness at the same time.

Since have a chat support system other than chatting also need other work like monitoring who is currently visiting your website and/or deal with incoming live chat inquiries from the site as and when they occur?

But isn’t staffing also an expense which as a business you need to cover up in the long run?

The important news is the expenses don’t stop there, remember licensing the chat support software also is your expense which needs recovery along with the training your staff expenses.

It can slow your website!

Like a WordPress website having too many plugins installed is slow, same why it is for the website having the support chat installed with the incompatible host.

So instead of having a slow website installed with chat support which turns off the visitors you can have a well working website.

Also, website speed has also been argued to be a factor in a website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and who would like to jeopardize with their SEO?

One can check website page speed at

The PageSpeed Score ranges from 0 to 100 points. A higher score is better and a score of 85 or above indicates that the page is performing well.

The PageSpeed Insights can be being continually improved and so the score of your website.

It can solve not so complex queries

Complex queries have found to be unsolved using the chat support.

Live chat users dwell on communicating with very limited number of words per entry.

Hence, it then may not be applicable to complex queries that require a lot of details to gain a resolution.

Hence if one has to use chat support to resolve simple queries, why not use basic FAQ’s for the same which is also cost effective.

Since short chat sessions with the agents can be blunt and devoid of human touch.

Here is a simple example for you from one of the leaders.

EBAY Customer Service

If one checks the image well you can find ebay is offering Customer Care service.


When you open the page what you get is the above page

EBAY Money Back Guarantee

The FAQ’s help one to address the most commonly addressed questions.

When you further open the issue types you receive further specific questions

And if still there is any query which is not addressed one can always hit the blue button and contact them.

Limited Mobile Access

Today is the time of digitalization, with the number of internet users using mobile phones increasing like never before there are more internet users on mobile phones and tablets than on desktop and laptops.

Leading to limiting your audience with the feature availability or forcing them out of their comfort zone. Which the visitors or customers are not up for.

You might be wondering why am a sharing the con’s of the chat support today, the reason is simple I am here to help you take the decision of selecting what is best for you or your business.

I am just sharing both the sides of the coin and not being negative about it.

Let me share another medium mostly used for customer support is email support. Email support is one of the most preferred support methods in an eCommerce store.

Reason Being

Easy communication

Communicating by email can be instantaneous usually, most businesses provide email support within 12 to 24 hours.

This helps one in ruling out the time difference issue when it came to chatting support. As one can easily revert back in this much amount of window period as per their workload.

Building the Geographical Barriers

Email reduces geographic and time zone barriers for businesses very easily.

Be it your Employees or contractors from around the world one can communicate, regardless of their location.

Likewise, can the customers send sales questions and support requests by email based on their own time zone schedules and the employees can reply back too?

Lower Costs

Moving communications from chat support to e-mail can result in significant savings in costs, we discussed above.

Businesses can also decrease customer service support costs by focusing on email customer support options rather than phone-based services.

Easy to setup

We all agree setting up an email is very easy.

In fact, when we buy a domain we receive few number of emails to set up depending on the hosting plan we purchase and then it’s easy to setup.

E-mail Marketing

You may ask me how can marketing be a part of customer support?

Let me tell you.

Via E-mail marketing one can keep your customers as well as Clients up to date with the upcoming offers or products without a sales call which the customer can check as per their schedule.

Sounds good right, or for those who disagree should you call every now and then?

Think about it 😉

Sharing Information

When it comes to emails, one can easily attach documents when required to help customers with complicated queries and help solve them with long messages.

Permanent record

When we send emails we always do have records of the email sent to us.

These saved records not only help us in keeping the record but also in using the saved records as templates when needed to send again when needed if one has a similar query.


In the age of customer support, where each brand is focusing on offering quality customer support for successful business.

Quality customer service can benefit your business in countless ways, share which way have you chosen?

Also I am ending this post with info-graphics which can help you, check out


Image Courtesy: BarnRaisersllc

Customer Service in Digital Age [Inforgraphic from Provide Support]


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