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Author: Sushmita Jain

About Sushmita Thakare Jain Sushmita is founder of her ventures - EFR International & S.H.Traders-Fablook. She is a Biotechnologist by qualification but an Entrepreneur & Motivator by heart who loves to blog in order to share her heart out as well as to express herself. An Explorer & Wanderer who loves to read books and listen to music who is an occasional cook and an animal lover! For her motivation and persistence are the key to success! Sushmita's writing interests include sharing her experiences as well as stories with you all, about stuff like motivational, social engagement, personal development, empowerment, sometimes finance & about thought-provoking topics. You can follow her on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram & beBee Also, you can check her posts on her Blog for EFR International & beBee

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