No New Subscribers On Your Blog? Don’t Worry This Will Get You A Quick 100

No New Subscribers On Your Blog? Don’t Worry This Will Get You A Quick 100

We all strive to share amazing content to engage our audience, the reason being we want them to exchange their views and share the information in their circles so that content can reach more like minded people.

So the biggest affirmation about the content being shared on our blog is the steady increase in subscriptions to the blog. This is both a motivating factor and an assurance that the content is reaching the right audience.

But sometimes even after you float and share content sometimes one does not get the recognition or the subscriptions, so before you start feeling that your content is not upto the mark try the following:

  • Make it obvious and easy

Make your options for subscription prominent, ask for the subscription mostly at the bottom of your post and offer an alternative email to RSS. A pop up on your desktop site is a good idea too but be sure to give the visitor sometime to browse through your content before your prompt. Hello Bar can also be used

  • Offer an ethical bribe to the visitors

Relax, it is nothing illegal. It is an ethical form of bribe, in the form of a free audio series, e-course, report or an e-book. This is a great way to know that your audience likes the information you share – but be sure to keep adding to the list of content so you have something new for repeat visitors and they could recommend the blog to their circle.

  • Guest blogging

Contributing the relevant content to someone else’s blog might seem to be a crazy idea. In fact, it is a great strategy to gain wide exposure for your own blog as well as gain your new subscriber base. Simply make it clear to the blogger that you wish to have a link back to your own web site at the end of the post. And you should make sure that you have contributed original content and not recycled something from your blog.

  • Forum blogging

Since the earliest internet days, a true and tried technique that is helpful for gaining new subscribers to your blog is to participate on the forums that are considered essential to your target customers. The audience will notice that you are taking initiative to offer yourself to others, so they will look into what else you have to offer. So while responding in a forum do not forget to ask the audience to visit the your blog by sharing a link.

  • Format your blog

Modify the subscription options on your blog. Ensure that your subscribers can successfully engage through the content of your blog. This way they need not reach the bottom of the blog to subscribe.

  • Create high quality back links

Building powerful back links for your blog can be very tough! But if you wish to do well on the search engines then creating powerful back links is critical for the success of your blog. They come only from a relevant web site catering to your niche and a high PR blog or web site all you have to do it create accounts and share links to your blogs with a description. Since these websites have a lot of traffic it should increase relevant visits.

  • Use plugins if it is a word press blog

Keep your plug ins constantly updated for the high functionality and security of your word press blog. Further, keep them well coded as well as resource intensive. Keep things simple, and always keep an eye on the number of plugins you use. Less is always more.

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Hemant Jani
Hemant Jani
Hemant Jani is a new age marketer, blogger and co-founder of He is a passionate entrepreneur with a burning passion to acquire knowledge. He has come a long way from being a horticulturist to an owner of a software firm. His company, Techovarya Solutions, excels at SaaS product development and providing customised solutions. Hemant firmly believes that great customer support is the key to a company's success.

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