Strategies to Get Customers to Trust Your E-Commerce Store

Strategies to Get Customers to Trust Your E-Commerce Store

The lack of trust is one of the main culprits behind high shopping cart abandonment on various e-stores and a surprisingly large portion of this industry doesn’t have a clue how to fix this problem. First of all, there are concerns about payment and information security. Then, there’s lack of transparency that comes from the displayed price and the inability of a customer to actually see/hold the product in person before purchasing it. Short comings like this can be overcome if a prospective customer can interact with the e-store team to clear his or her doubts. Multi-channel support can help touch base with a customer on platforms convenient to him or her explore this simple to use multi-channel support systemAbhisi helpdesk!

Finally, there are bad previous experiences with other e-stores, which shouldn’t be underestimated either ( overcoming them is possible via this all in one helpdesk ). With this in mind, here are several strategies that can help your customers trust your e-commerce store.

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1. Start with transparency

In the introduction, we mentioned transparency as one of the pressing issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Well, this starts from naming the full price on your website, instead of deliberately deducting taxes and the cost of delivery in order to make it appear lower. First of all, people online are quite wary of such a tactic and second, it will prevent you from gaining any return customers.

In other words, while you may trick people to buy from you once, they might feel tricked later on and refuse to purchase from you again. This is particularly troublesome, seeing as how, by some accounts, 8 percent of your return customers are responsible for over 40 percent of your profit.

Another vital part of investing in the transparency of your brand can be achieved by addressing some of these issues publically. The best way to handle this is through a great social media customer service. You see, in 2018 a lot of your feedback comes from platforms like Facebook and Twitter and an astounding number of about 69 percent of your audience values expedient response above all else.

2. Vouch for the safety of their information

The next thing you need to do in order to gain their trust is to make sure that your website is as safe as possible. Getting a couple of certificates is always a great idea, however, even a single breach of your security is more than enough to discredit you for good, seeing as how this person will likely spread the word about the incident.

The most reliable way to ensure the cyber-security of your platform is to use penetration tests to detect security flaws. Basically, what you do here is have an IT security expert or a white-hat hacker to try and infiltrate your website. Needless to say, this kind of in-field testing is particularly efficient due to the fact that it closely emulates the real-life danger that your e-store might find itself in.

3. 24/7 available customer support

Even though having automated customer support can relieve you of some of the most mundane obligations, you need to put a heavy emphasis on your customer support. First of all, in this era of digitalization, VI and deep learning, your target audience still wants to know that their needs are taken care of by an actual human being.

Those who see hiring, training and equipping an adequate customer support department as a problem always have the idea of outsourcing as a way out. On the other hand, those who want to handle this in-house, need to master quite a few tricks if they aim to stay competitive.

4. Personalized offers

With the help of present-day analytics tools, it is quite easy for you to track your customers across your platform. This allows you an invaluable information on which items and categories interest them the most. Later on, you can contact them with some of these items and in this way create a personalized offer which is, in a way, hand-tailored to suit their needs. In this way, you can show your audience that they are not just a generic number in your registry but that you’re actively paying attention to their points of interest.

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5. Acknowledge your failures

At the end of the day, one of the topics that a lot of people refuse to address is the issue of damage control. Make no mistake, it is much better to admit when you’ve done something wrong or failed to protect the interest of your customers than to have them learn this from another source.

Everyone makes mistakes and while your audience may be displeased with the way in which these things developed, it is far worse to be caught red-handed while trying to sweep some of these facts under the rug. In other words, once you do something wrong, you need to come out clean, apologize and hope that your audience will be understanding.

This too is where using social media might be quite effective, seeing as how these platforms give you a public way to make amends. In this way, your attempts to acknowledge your failures or even issue apology statements might seem more genuine.

In conclusion

While most of the above-listed ideas apply to the digital world, when slightly altered, they are also applicable to virtually any aspect of your company’s marketing. Building trust with your target audience is, therefore, not only vital to your short-term profits but also has the power to make or break your business in the long run. Seeing as how trust is what makes one develop brand loyalty, it deserves your full and undivided attention. Now, when it comes to getting customers to trust your e-commerce store, the above-listed five ideas are still your safest bets.

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Raul Harman
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