Major Benefits of using Abhisi
over Zendesk
Abhisi Help Desk
Abhisi works just like gmail. No ticket numbers or any other hassle. Just a 2 step setup and your help desk is ready.
A more complex system with a confusing list of features.
Abhisi supports multiple brands just by adding an emailbox for each brand.
The multiband feature is an add-on, on top of $59.
Chat is top priority on the road map of 2017 at no extra cost.
Chat feature is an add-on.
Email support for our customers is 24X7
Email support is 24X5.
We provide full onboarding and training for new users as many times as they want.
Launch guidance program only for first 60 days.
Multiple business hours according to different mailboxes.
Just one business hour.
Custom Roles and permissions.
Only on much higher price plans.
Customer Lists: Can be added in the same plan by request.
This is an add-on in $59 plan.
Money saver with equal Benefits...
See for yourself

10 Users
25 Users
50 Users
Abhisi Help Desk
$19/User, Professional plan
$190 /mo
$475 /mo
$950 /mo
$59/User, Professional plan
$590 /mo
$1,475 /mo
$2,950 /mo
Annual Savings
$4,800 /yr
$12,000 /yr
$24,000 /yr
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