Make yourself available to your customers
when and where they need
you the most
Help Widget that can
be Accessed on Every Page
Abhisi's smart - fully customizable Help Widget can be placed on every page of your site so your customers can help themselves or reach you with the click of a button.
Freedom to change -
make it your Widget
Customize the look of your Customer Support Widget to matchyour Website and Company theme (Colors, Text, Icons and more). And the Widget can be shown as a Modal or a Pop-up. It's your choice.
Your choice of icons

Widget Displayed as Modal Form
Need to provide 24/7 support? Click one button to integrate a Knowledge Base into the Abhisi Help Widget and your customers can help themselves.
Automate responses to
Improve efficiency magically
Customer messages from the Help Widget can contain tags that allow them to be sorted and assigned automatically to the correct member of your team. Now that's efficiency - helping you save time and boost sales!

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