Easy to use features to make your
customer support simple and
hassle free
Large and medium scale organizations do not use chat support. but use self service portals instead.
Notes are a form of internal communication and are only accessible to your team members.
Quick Replies
You can set unlimited quick replies to answer frequently asked questions and repetitive messages.
Tags are valuable to segregate and categories all your messages and even run automations.
Unlimited Mailboxes
Manage all your email accounts from all departments from one place.
Automations (Workflows)
Create conditions to filter emails and add custom folders to automate and organise common tasks.
Custom signatures make your responses more personal.
Auto Replies
Promptly inform your customers about receiving their email so they are not left guessing.
Forward an Email
Forward any email conversation to external party to keep others in the loop.
Message Formatting
Abhisi lets you fully customise the look of your messages with bolding, italics, color and links so your messages always look great.
Send as many attachments as required. With Abhisi, there are no attachment limits for outgoing email.
Customer History and Customer Profile
Will help you know your customer better - their likes, dislikes, previous conversations and so on. You can also edit or delete all customer information.
Message History
Abisi keeps track all the changes made to the messages from the day they were sent so that you can see the full timeline of any message.
powerful Search
Search for a message using any information - including message subject, email address, tag or a phrase in the body of the message.
Mailbox Permissions
Apply restrictions for mailboxes to specific users.
Collision Detection
See in real time if users are viewing or replying to the same message as you are.
User Permissions
Set user level permissions to allow certain users to view or have access to advancd management areas.
Email Notification
Get notified instantly about the activities happening in your help desk.
Phone Conversation
If a customer calls in by phone. The conversion can be logged in Abhisi so that you can track it later if required.
Webhooks allow you to get notified in your custom application about any events in Abhisi. (Custom coding may be required in your app.)
Social Media Integration
Abhisi fully integrates one or more Twitter and Facebook accounts so that they can be administered completely from the simplified Abhisi Help Desk.
Customer Surveys
Create your own surveys. Gather and monitor happiness scores to improve both your support and your support team.
The use of self service portals is on the rise! This ensures that generally requested information is available to the customer or prospect in a few, which reduces the load on customer support teams.
Manage 1 or more Sites
You can create multiple Knowledge Bases (depending on your plan). Create as many Knowldge Bases as required to support different products and brands.
Mobile Friendly
Abhisi is fully responsive so that it works great on all your devices - from phones and tablets to MACs and PCs.
Unlimited Data Storage
There is no set limit on the amount of data that can be stored - enjoy the freedom to information.
Customizable Design
Your Knowledge Bases can be customized to suit your brand style and color theme
Related Articles
Create related articles similar to existing topics to make your knowledge base more accessible.
Revision History
Abhisi will keep track of the article history. This allows you to restore it back to a previous version if required
quick Search
Searching is lightning fast so your customers get their answers almost instantly.
Custom Domain
All Knowledge Base sites can have custom Domains or Subdomains of your choice.
SSL Encryption
Abhisi provides bank level security so you know that your activities in Abhisi are secure.
Data and Server Reliability
Abhisi uses Microsoft's massive Azure infrastructure so your support desk will scale automatically to any size with a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.
Third Party Security Testing
Abhisi's security levels have been independently tested.
IP White Listing
Helps prevent your email from being marked as spam.
Take a look at the varied reports Abhisi can help display - this helps improve your customer support teams.customer support teams.
Advance Filters
Data can be filgered on all conversations, tags, mailboxes, folders etc.
Printer Friendly Reports
All the reports have an easy to print option.
User Reports
Shows in depth reports on each individual user and their specific achievement.
Happiness Score
See at a glace how your customers are rating your support. Filter by Users, Mailboxes and Ratings.
Explore the endless options of customization and the unique features the powerful Customer Help Widget has to offer.
The Help Widget is fully customisable to match your Website's theme colors.
More Helpful
Click a button to integrate a Knowledge Base in the Widget.
Smart Help
The Widget supports the ability to add tags to messages to help manage the messages better.