Everything You Need to Provide Incredible Customer Support

Abhisi is customer support software designed from the ground up to be the best way to support your customers by empowering your support team with all the right information and the tools to improve efficiency using a single help desk solution.
  • Collision Detection
    Lets you see who else is viewing or replying so you don't end up sending multiple replies for the same message.
  • Tags
    Tags are a quick and simple way to group messages into categories of your choice - keeps everything organized.
  • Quick Replies
    Never answer the same question twice. Quickly insert the best answers to common questions into your replies.
  • Note
    Need to collaborate with other team members? Notes let you send messages that only your team members can see.
Insightful Reports Reports with average response time, number of customers helped, replies per customer - just to name a few, are important metrics that help you track performance and set goals for everyone on your team.
This feature gives you the edge especially when you're expecting a lot of traffic on your website, for instance during the festive season and you are a E-commerce website.
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No More Sleepless Nights Abhisi's Knowlege Base allows you to provide 24/7 suport so customers can help themselves at anytime and from anywhere. Did you know that a good knowledge base can reduce customer emails by 40%?
Automations & Custom Folders
With Abhisi you can maintain interactions with your customers or prospects 24X7 by the easy to configure automation, you can also route communiction to the department of choice. This improves response time greatly which can help you convert your prospects to customers refer our blog for more.
  • Automate a Task
  • Move to Custom Folder
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