Cover Multiple Customer Contact Points with One Multi-channel Customer Support Software
Your customers expect to reach you by multiple channels that include Email, Website, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, SMS and more. Abhisi fully integrates all popular channels so your support team only needs to monitor one simple dashboard.
Click here to read more about the rise of the social help desk.
Quick Replies
Don’t waste time typing and sending replies for similar customer issues. Quick Replies let you write once and use forever.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Two key combinations let you navigate through Messages, respond to Messages, add Tags, select Quick Replies and much more. Saves mouse clicks and increases efficiency.
Bulk Actions
Bulk Actions save you time when Deleting, Assigning or Categorizing 100’s of messages.
Abhisi is CRM Software that Helps Monitor and Connect better on Twitter
If you have a Twitter page, you know that you need to monitor the Tweets so that your brand is not tarnished. Abhisi fully integrates Twitter to let you manage all Twitter activity within Abhisi.

Plus, Abhisi allows you to monitor what people are tweeting about you and your competitors - giving you a 360 degree view of your market. Here's a bit of advice to leverage Twitter for your business - click here
Search Tweets
Need to find a Tweet? Search for it in Abhisi.
If you receive a great Tweet, don't let it sit there, re-tweet it to increase customer awareness and branding.
Post a New Tweet
When a customer gives you amazing praise or you have a moment of inspiration, post a tweet directly in Abhisi and let your followers know.
Reply to a Tweet
Tweets can be replied to either by converting them to Messages or directly from the Twitter screen inside Abhisi.
Convert to Message
Sift thought Tweeter activity and select the Tweets that are important and convert them into Abhisi messages. They can then be answered or assigned to any member of your team.
Like, Respond and Share Better with Your Customers on Facebook!

Abhisi's Facebook integration lets you receive messages from multiple Facebook pages and post replies to multiple Facebook pages. Timely support on Facebook will not only make your customers happy, it can help spread the word about your company with likes and shares. Free publicity is always good. This makes Abhisi a complete multiple channel CRM software which gives businesses an edge in real time.
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